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Welcome to MettleVelo – A boutique design shop for Custom Bike Culture Design.

I ride a lot, race a little and think about bikes and bike culture far too often. I also create award-winning design for print/web and have been working with a diverse list of clients for the last 15 years. So, I decided the two shall not live apart any longer. From this combination of passion, creativity and excitement for all things bike, MettleVelo was born. The idea started some years ago when I did my first bike related t-shirt design, then a logo and poster and so on. Soon I was creating a whole series of bike t’s, hoodies, posters, logos, bike shop signage, jerseys, and full kits for the likes of: Pearl Izumi, ArtCrank, Minnesota Off-Road Cyclist (MORC), Birchwood Bike Team, VeloDrama and for my own sales.

All my designs are fully custom and built specifically for you, your team, organization or company. And with a bunch of years in design and riding road, MTB and cross as well as singles…I know the culture. This is a great time to explore and create in the industry. Bike related design is finally moving to more modern and cool styles that rival the snowboard and extreme sport industries. And, why not? Bikers rock and their gear should rock with them. That all means it is time to update that image, create something new, and make your mark in the bike world before someone else does.

Give us a call or shoot me an e-mail to discuss your design project. All projects are estimated individually and under most circumstances you own the artwork out right when we are done.

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